CDR Obligations Self-assessment Tool

Quill Peak has developed a sophisticated CDR obligations self-assessment tool to assist CDR participants with achieving and maintaining compliance with the more than 250 obligations that the evolving ecosystem requires. This tool is focused on the non-technical obligations and complements API conformance testing and any required ASAE3150 information security audits.

Key features

  • Supports all the CDR participant roles (Data Holder, Data Recipient, Intermediary)
  • Supports all the designated sectors (currently banking and energy)
  • Allows extensive filtering to focus attention on obligations that are relevant to an organisation
  • Supports compliance gap analysis and risk management controls definition and documentation
  • Supports multiple infrastructures/products
  • Allows full configuration of analysis columns
  • Highlights changes in rules from release to release
  • Supports fully automated import from previous versions
  • Supports locking for audit
  • Includes the following regulatory material: Competition Act (section IVD), sector designations, CDR Rules, CX standards, CX guidelines, Privacy act (CDR relevant sections only)
  • All regulations are MD5 check-summed to ensure integrity of content is maintained
  • Includes extracts and links to key ACCC guidance materials
  • Produces statistics on current compliance coverage state
  • Based on MS365 Excel with extensive automation (all code is digitally signed for compliance with corporate security policies)


  • Allows clear documentation of compliance to support risk management processes, internal and regulator audits
  • Allows efficient review of compliance when obligations change through highlighting of changed obligations
  • Enables delegation of responsibility for defined obligations to stakeholders
  • Tool operation is familiar to anyone who has used MS365 Excel
  • Timely tool updates ensure that compliance is always up to date with latest rule changes


Below are a selection of screenshots from the tool that provide a sample of the capabilities

Overview video – Part 1 (15 mins)

System requirements

Operating system Windows 10
Applications environment Microsoft 365 Excel
Security policy Must allow execution of signed macros
Network policy Prefer access to cloud server for automated update notifications



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