The field for Australia’s Consumer Data Right has been built. But how are organisations responding? Will organisations and consumers come to play?

Quill Peak in partnership with Studioworks and Open Data Australian has undertaken a Pulse check to find out:

Do organisations expect that CDR will have a significant impact on their sector?

How do organisations expect to receive CDR data?

What does the pipeline of CDR-enabled propositions look like?

What are the barriers to developing CDR-enabled propositions?

Our report on the findings is now available.

This article is a collaboration between Quill Peak, Studioworks and Open Data Australia - all of us keenly interested in the success of the CDR in Australia.

If you have any questions or would like to explore any of the points raised in this report, please contact us.

We will be conducting a more detailed survey early next year – please contact us if you would like to participate.

Here’s the full report download: Field of Dreams

Lead Author

Paul Wiebusch
Associate, Quill Peak Consulting


David Giddy
Principal, Quill Peak Consulting

Paul is a consultant specialising in Open Data, the Consumer Data Right and Open Banking.

David is the Principal of Quill Peak Consulting, a boutique consulting firm specialising in Open Banking and the Consumer Data Right. See to learn more

Robin Scarborough
Co-Founder, Studioworks



Jamie Leach
Founder, Open Data Australia

Robin is a consultant specialising in the development of new customer propositions and co-founder of Studioworks, a community of independent agencies and consultancies delivering pioneering work for their clients. See to learn more

Open Data Australia is a not-for-profit organisation and the Australian member of the Global Open Data Institute network. See to learn more